Vertex Financial Group, Inc
640 Plaza Drive
Suite 120
Highlands Ranch, CO 80129

Phone:    303.407.0200
Toll Free:    877.939.0339
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Who is Vertex Financial Group?

We are headquartered in Denver with Advisors serving clients in Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georga, Idaho, Illinois, Maryland, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

Why use Vertex Financial Group?

Your home is typically your most valuable asset and your mortgage your largest debt. It is critical that both be properly managed from an income tax and investment perspective. Today's mortgages are constantly changing financial vehicles and there are hundreds of different mortgage options, thus, you need financial expertise to maximize your opportunity. Many brokers and lenders lack the expertise to effectively coordinate this asset/debt with your overall financial plan. Since its inception in 2000, Vertex Financial group has maintained a big-picture focus for our clients; three members of the leadership team are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professionals. We focus on clients, not on transactions.

Our Role as a Mortgage Specialist

When obtaining a mortgage loan, you can use the services of a bank, savings and loan, credit union, another "financial services" institution or you can use the services of a Mortgage Specialist. Typically a bank, savings and loan, or credit union can only quote rates for the loans they offer as a retail outlet. As a Mortgage Specialist, on the other hand, we shop among dozens of national and local lenders for wholesale-priced loan programs designed to meet your unique needs.

At Vertex Financial Group, we are residential mortgage specialists striving to deliver the best advice, service, and rates for our clients in a professional and trustworthy manner.